Website Design and Development

// How Would You Stand Out From The Crowd? //

Having an amazing beautifully built website is not enough yet to bring your right customers onboard nowadays. As the digital world has been involving with so much competitions online for businesses to achieve success, the essential website becomes only a piece of gear; without other parts of gear, it is not easy to run everything nice and easy. So, how would you get other pieces of gear to run it efficiently? Do you want your business runs for you? How would you stand out from the crowd? With us, Pure Web Vision, has our own visions, strategies and new ideas, to generate answers for the above questions. We had written our own methods and concepts carefully for business website creations, which is similar to other creative agencies, however our approach is way different to get the gears running for you. If you want to know the "how-to", contact us to get the work started. Alternatively, keep in touch updates with us in our Facebook Business Page, we are not using any EDM system to collect data from customers, because we know about "it".

The Process

  • Define Business

    First thing first, which industry does your company belong to?
  • Research Stages

    One of the essential task is to research idea inspirations, with industry related.
  • Wireframe Layouts

    Next, we prepare some web design layout sketches with strategy plans, visions and ideology.
  • Install Framework

    Identify which framework website build is best suit for you; or we can build a fully functional custom website from scratch.
  • Develop Website

    Conduct the procedures of web design and development stages, with detailed project milestones.
  • Solution Outcome

    Finalise website to launch live after the testing phase, and client to agree for approval.

The Work

Website Design and Development For Smash Repairs Services
Website Design and Development For Information Technology Services
Website Design and Development For Lawn Mowing Gardener Services
Website Development For Shopify Ecommerce Store

Frameworks we embrace: Bootstrap, CMS Themes, and PWV Custom Build
CMS we could use: Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal
Skillsets we equip:
HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript PHP 5 JQuery

The Services

  • Standard Website
  • Site Features:
  • Webpages 1 to 5
  • Home Slideshow
  • Menu Navigation
  • Pages Layout Web Design
  • Lightbox Photo Gallery
  • Video Integration
  • Contact Form
  • Google Interactive Map
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • (Your Choice of CMS)
  • (Your Choice of CMS)
  • Full Services Include:
  • Your Choice of CMS Framework Installation
  • VPS Web Hosting Plan
  • SSL Security Protocol
  • Google Listing Organic Search SEO Integration
  • Google Business Page Assistance
  • Adobe Photo Images Stock
  • General Website Admin Support If Needed
  • Digital Marketing Advices
  • Dynamic Website
  • Site Features:
  • Webpages 10 to 20
  • Intranet Account Login
  • Account Registration Page
  • Forget Password Page
  • 404 Error Page
  • Web Application Design
  • SQL Database Management
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Site Features:
  • Unlimited Webpages
  • Customer Account Login
  • (Your Choice of CMS)
  • (Your Choice of CMS)
  • Main Categories Page
  • Product Description Page
  • Add To Cart Page
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Chatbot Tool
  • Check Out Page
  • Legal Policy Pages
  • Delivery Information Page