Services As Business Marketing Design Specialist

The majority of our creative services "is" the full stack of Art, Design and Technology for your business marketing meets. We are very good at graphics, specialising Graphic Design Services for the visual marketing communication, as much as we could work on the ideas, to discuss and clarify the design brief with you, we are happy to create something unique that represent your company image, throughout design process until the final artwork. Web Design and Development Services include the initial website layout sketches, pure web structural built with SEO, online marketing strategies; we do research, insight, analysis, reviews etc - it has got the wide range of services, and strategies to discuss, and develop the "perfect" website simultaneously. For all after project services or maintenance, please see our offers of Business Online Support, regarding to your queries, we are here to solve problems and provide support.

  • Define Business

  • Research Industry

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Design Proposal

  • Production Process

  • Solution Outcome

Our Aesthetics Goals

Pure Web Vision dedicates the beauty of art, design and technology. We put heart to "listen" to the values of every project businessmen made; when we work, we work for your values and qualities, not quantities; we'll put the best efforts, to produce good results and best solutions, that counts as fascinating IT + Design products or services. Our contribution services is brought to you by a team of talented creatives.


Common Questions About Business And Creative Services

To get started, simply send us an email, or fill up the Quote Request Form as per the project requirement initial contact, you can choose from either Website Quote Form or a Logo Quote Form. Try to go through the questions, those are prepared in the Business and IT industry standards, with the proper project management procedure handy for you. Submit the form and we will review it, and send an appropriate informative quote pricing back to you. If there are any questions you don't understand, please not be hesitated to chat and ask us here. Or for all other enquires, simply send us an email.

A Logo Design

Generally speaking, a professional logo design could take up to 2 or 3 weeks to complete. It involves the following tasks for the design process to perform:

  • Logo Design Brief Overview
  • Few Hours of Research
  • Brainstorm Ideas and Sketches
  • Identify Elements to illustrate
  • Selective Logo Ideas to discuss
  • Client to choose which one to develop
  • Review Logos (max.3) After Developed
  • Modification if there are any changes
  • Have the Final Review and Approval
  • Deliver the Completed Logo with Files Supply

Graphic Design Services

Our creatives services such as Business Card, Marketing Flyer/ Brochure/ Postcard/ Poster, etc.
Depending on the size of the project, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks to complete the following procedures:

  • Initial Contact for Project Design Requirement
  • Clarify the Marketing Material Needs
  • Few Hours of Research
  • Client to Provide Content In Writing (or ask PWV)
  • We Supply Appropriate licensed Photos or Images
  • Client to Provide Company Logo (min. 300dpi)
  • We Begin The Design Process
  • Review Artwork After Processing
  • Modification if there are any changes
  • Have the Final Review and Approval
  • Prepare Artwork for Printing Requirement
  • Deliver the Finished Artwork with Files Supply

We Love The Best Quality Of Beautiful Artwork For Your Marketing Needs

Web Design and Development

Website has a wider range of services, from having a web hosting reliable VPS server, prepare the content writing with SEO keywords, the beautiful web design layout, framework build from scratch or CMS, code development, testing website page speed, submit xml file to Google, etc. There are always more technical aspects to perform and to complete a fully functional web application, with talented professional skilled web developer and designer. The duration of a web design and development project generally would take at least 2 upto 6 months, depending on which type of website the client after, and the nature of complexity with the IT industry standard. Hence, a very well organised business plan, or project plan is required. With us, we can always provide our best knowledge of advise, we have free consultation, that we can share the details of our project milestones with client, before to commerce any work commitment. To learn more, book a free consultation with us.

Yes, to assure a legal project contract work with us, there is only one Terms and Conditions Agreement file for us to read and sign, this is to protect we both parties are agreed to commit a good business obligation. It will be provided to you once a quotation is confirmed, and before any work to commence. We also have the project task milestones file handy for managing the Web Design and Development project, you might obtain one copy if needed during the production work and procedures. For Graphic Design Services, email conversations would be the best format for project requirement, and proof of designer work.

Note: a digital signature is acceptable in our pdf document format, which is secure locked up with a special password assigned.

We accept all types of Visa Mastercard, Debit or Credit Card. We use AfterPay and POLI Direct Internet Banking in Australia statewide; PayPal and TransferWise for International Globally.

Yes, absolutely. The minimum acceptable cost of pay as installment, starts from as low as USD $250, the rest will be divided by an agreed terms, depending on the project quote of pricing. For any amount below the minimum cost of USD $250, it must be paid as the one-off payment term; or otherwise at least 50% of the initial quote of pricing flexibility; before to commence any work inscope.

In Australia by our law, a fixed full amount must be made within 30 days of invoice issued; or otherwise we reserve the right to apply a latency fee of $1 daily capped, until all outstanding amounts are fixed. Pay As Installment will be written in the T&C Agreement.

The After Project Services are the work out of scope, it is always available for client to reconnect with us in regards to the existing project finished by us. For example, a graphic design brochure has a typo to correct, we can correct it for you with no cost, because it is provided mistakenly from the inscope work before; In contrast, anything to add up or update maybe some more information, one or two more paragraphs that will affect a part of the design layout, it will be treated as the extra workload, hence, an extra fees apply for the same piece of finalised artwork. Our advise in regards to this matter, please check the work carefully in the final stage of project approval.

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